Demonstrations, & Events

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2017 Demonstrations & Events will be posted soon


2016 Demonstrations

Saturday Demonstrations       
10:00:00 AM    Needle Felting    Cactus Hill Farm
10:30:00 AM    Hats on the Addi Circular Knitter    Phoenix Fiber Mill
11:00:00 AM    Triangle Loom Weaving    Rcky Mtn Llama & Alpaca
11:30:00 AM    Drop Spindle    DeGoats & Sheep
12:00:00 AM    Silk Hankie Knitting    Dragon Fairy Dyeworks
12:00:00 PM    Needle Felting    Old Mother Westwind
12:30PM    Spindle Spinning    Fiber Ladies/Wooly Wild
12:30:00 PM    Dyeing Demo     Diane De Souza Designs
1:00PM    Blending Board     Twice Sheared Sheep
1:30:00 PM    Navajo Plying    Serendipity
2:00PM    Drum Carding    The 100th Sheep
2:30:00 PM    Salida Serger Flowers    Bags & Beadz
3:00:00 PM    Pickup Sticks on Rigid Heddle Loom    Serendipity
3:30PM    Tatting    Sandee Jaastad

Sunday Demonstrations     

10:00AM    Mohair Angora Goats    Three Sisters Weaving
10:30:00 AM    Drum Carding    Naumann Angoras
10:30:00 AM    Knit Your Own Fleece     Dancing Hooves
11:00AM    Triangle Loom Weaving    Rocky Mtn Llama& Alpaca
11:30:00 AM    Scarves on Rigid Heddle Loom    Phoenix Fiber Mill
12:30:00 PM    Greener Shades Dyes    DeGoatsnsheep
1:00PM    Navajo Plying on Spinning Wheel    Serendipity
1:30:00 PM    Smashing    Smashing Jewelry
2:00PM    Zoom Loom Weaving    Serendipity