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Salida Fiber Festival Colorway


2018 Colorway - Alpine Meadow


Our inaugural colorway was inspired by a hike through the high alpine meadows in the collegiate peaks west of Salida, Colorado. As you rise in elevation the dark green pine tree forests give way to carpets of bright green grasses.  Amongst the grasses pink and purple flowers abound.


Easy rules:
1) Purchase fiber or accessories from one of our 2018 vendors in our premier colorway, Alpine Meadow.
2) Create something fabulous!
3) Bring it to the 2019 Festival and enter it into our contest with the chance to win the Juror’s Award orthe People’s Choice Award, with wonderful prizes available for each.

Complete details will be available on our website before the 2019 festival.

What is a Colorway?

A colorway is a scheme of two or more colors in which a design is created. It is often used to describe variegated or ombre (shades of one color) print yarns, fabric, or thread.

Reallocation of Fiber Assets (ROFA) Sale!

New for 2018's Festival, this tent will be available on Sunday, Sept. 9th for the public’s use to sell lightly-used fiber related tools such as looms, spinning wheels, drum carders, mannequins, knitting needle sets, etc.  The ROFA tent will be advertised through the festival's social media and other PR means.  

There will be a nominal fee to use the tent based on the asking price of the displayed items:

Asking Price                         Fee
$1-100                                   $10
$101-250                              $20
$251-500                             $40
$501 and up                        $50

The fee is based on the total of all items displayed per person.  The fee is due when items are dropped off.  The fee is not refundable if the item does not sell.   There will be a tent manager available so the owner does not need to be present.  However we do ask the owner to be available by phone, if  questions arise.

Email to signup.