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A Variety of Events to Keep Your Weekend Full of Fiber




All weekend long in the Demo Tent & select Vendor Booths!

Saturday’s Schedule:

9:00 am De-Hairing a Fleece
10:00 am Using a Drop Spindle
11:00 am Peg Loom Weaving
12:00 pm 3D Needle Felting
1:00 pm Fly Tying
2:00 pm Nuno Wet Felting w/Silk & Wool
3:00 pm Portuguese Knitting
4:00 pm Spinning Braids, Preserving
the Colorway

Saturday Vendor Demos:
11:00 am Weaving on the 7-foot Triangle
Loom (Booth #12)
12:00 pm Wet Felting for Wearables
or Wall Art (Booth #33)
1:00 pm Small Loom Weaving
(Booth #28-29)

Sunday’s Schedule:

10:00 am Dyeing Sock Yarn
11:00 am Glass Blowing Beads
12:00 pm Weaving for Garments
1:00 pm Spinning Sheep in a Blankie
2:00 pm Circular Sock Knitting Machines

Sunday Vendor Demo:

1:00 pm Weaving on the 7-foot Triangle
Loom (Booth #12)


For the second year, the Salida Fiber Festival will mount a pop-up
fashion show during the festival.  On Saturday at 10:30am and 1:30pm,
and on Sunday at 11am, our models will walk through the festival grounds, displaying wearables from one of our wonderful vendors, giving festival visitors an opportunity to see the items on the human form and to learn more about them.  Keep an eye out for our models
during the festival to see (and buy!) the lovely wearables produced by
our vendors!


The Salida Fiber Festival is proud to present the annual Fiber Art Exhibition, which will open the Friday of the festival at the SteamPlant Paquette Gallery, and will remain on display through the remainder of the month.

This exhibition is open to all vendors and fiber artists residing within 50 miles of Salida. Entries must be of original design using any fiber art and for sale. If last year’s exhibition was any indicator, this year’s will be spectacular!

ROFA (Reallocation Of Fiber Assets) SALE - SUNDAY ONLY!

The Salida Fiber Festival is bringing back this popular sale from last year - Reallocation of Fiber Assets is the place to buy and sell lightly-used fiber-related items like looms, spinning wheels, drum carders, mannequins, knitting needle sets, and anything else that is NOT yarn!
Item drop-off for this sale is between 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, September 8th. There is a nominal fee to participate, based on the asking price of the displayed items: 

Asking Price                     Fee

$1-100                                $10

$101-250                            $20

$251-500                            $40

$501 and up                       $50

The fee is based on the total of all items displayed per person.  The fee is due when items are dropped off, and is not refundable if the item does not sell.   There will also be a Sale manager available, so the owner does not need to be present; we do ask the owner to be available by phone, if questions arise.



Each year a film is screened after the Fiber Art Exhibition.

The film for 2019 is Interlacements: Threads & Lives

“Hand-weaving interweaves lives, not just threads.
Five stories that focus on the weaving of social fabric: the connections built between weavers and the people who use and cherish their cloth.”

(from the film’s IMDb page)